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  5. "Puussa on pieni sieni."

"Puussa on pieni sieni."

Translation:There is a small mushroom on the tree.

July 27, 2020



"on the tree there is a small mushroom" should also be correct


why it is wrong to translate as "in the tree is a small mushroom"? According to me that is a better translation. if you translate the proposed correct translation english sentence to finnish you would expect something like "tuo on pieni? sieni? puussa" (?= I always make mistakes when to use the partitive or not)


I guess you're trying to write "Tuolla on pieni sieni puussa" but that would actually mean "There is a small mushroom over there, on/in the tree."


I might. But my point was that I do not want to introduce the extra there! I had to translate the sentence from finnish. So what is wrong with the translation In/on the tree is a small mushroom.


"On the tree is a small mushroom" should certainly be accepted.


How would you say that there is a mushroom inside (instead of"on") the tree?

[deactivated user]

    It's the same sentence as the original or "Puun sisässä on sieni."

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