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"Koko perhe on piilossa metsässä."

Translation:The whole family is hiding in the forest.

July 27, 2020



My version is "The whole family ARE hiding in the forest," which is BrE, but should be accepted all the same. Don't you think?


Yes, and I've added it, but it will take some time before it shows up for everyone.


Kiitos paljon! :-)


Duo knows everything.


Wouldn't "in hiding" be more precise?


As a literal translation yes, but translation is not about preserving parallel structures at the expense of meaning.

"Is hiding" and "is in hiding" have quite different connotations in English. "Is in hiding" sounds more like someone is trying to hide from society, public scrutiny or threats of danger"

You wouldn't say someone is "in hiding" during a simple friendly game of hide and seek, or if they're hiding from a bear. "The whole family is in hiding in the forest," instead sounds as if the family has moved to the forest to drop off the radar and escape persecution from other people.

I can't speak for the connotations of olla piilossa in Finnish, but I trust that the course creators haven't taught us the weird phrase "in hiding" in Finnish and passed it off as the easy way to say "hide".


I've been wondering this too


So can you say it when you refer to a weekend spent in mökki, or is the meaning literal and nothing else?


No, we wouldn't say we're piilossa when we're just hanging out in a mökki. This sentence does have something sinister about it.


What's a mökki?


Holiday cabin. Same as a bach in New Zealand, if you're familiar with that.


No illusions though... suomessa mökki on usein melko suuri


Does "all the family" fit "koko perhe"?

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