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  5. "The tub is in the bathhouse."

"The tub is in the bathhouse."

Translation:Labrum in balneo est.

July 27, 2020



Why not Labrum baleneum est ?


Labrum balneum est would be 'The tub is a bathhouse'.

You need to make use of in with the ablative to match with the location specified in the English sentence.


"Labrum in balneo est" and "Labrum est in balneo" are both valid & accepted. Is there a reason to prefer one or the other?

I often see comments saying that if esse is involved, put the verb early. But perhaps it is a different use of esse than here, because with "in" sentences of location, I do often see esse put in late (at the end).

I'm just trying to understand what is "good style" here.

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