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Could do with a numbers course in Finnish.

Had a look through the Finnish language course and can't find anything to help learn numbers, unless I'm missing something, I think it would be useful to have.

July 27, 2020



They are scattered around the course, but if you want to practice those specifically, I recommend starting with the skill named O'Clock. It goes through all the numbers learnt previously (1-10) and introduces two more (11 and 12). How to use the word miljoona, "million" is taught in the skill City. The hundreds can be learnt in Shopping. Numbers 13-99 are not taught in the current version of the course and neither are the thousands. :)


There are lessons about numbers already.. you just didn't get far enough into the course to learn them yet.

yksi kaksi kolme neljä viisi kuusi seitsemän kahdeksan yhdeksän kymmenen yksitoista kaksitoista


(11) yksitoista


(12) kaksitoista



The numbers are scattered in other courses (just like some other notable subjects) so while you are learning about animals and stuff you are also picking up some numbers...

But I agree that a specific lesson about them might be useful.

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