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"There is a big house in Portree."

Translation:Tha taigh mòr ann am Port Rìgh.

July 27, 2020



Thank you for your explanation. This makes perfect sense - I'll check out the relevant tips and notes. Tapad leat agus tioraidh!


How would this differ from "A big house is in Portree?" My mind wants to add and extra "ann" to make it "there is" but does one "ann" cover both "in" and "there is?"


There is no difference in meaning between the two English sentences. Just A big house is in Portree sounds weird and unnatural on its own, so you say There is a big house in Portree in English. Just like you start a story with In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit and not In a hole in the ground a hobbit lived.

That’s just because English doesn’t like indefinite nouns as subjects of such existential statements before the verb, so you put this dummy there at the beginning. No such requirement in Gaelic.

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