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"Meri ei ole tyyni, mutta Tyyne on."

Translation:The sea is not calm, but Tyyne is.

July 27, 2020



"Placid" is not being allowed here for "tyyni", even though it is the only acceptable translation in another question. This is one of those "inconsistencies" I mentioned in an earlier thread.


Users (never mind the contributors) probably aren't able to follow your commentary on this from one thread to another.

Placid should indeed be accepted here -- did you report it using the flag? That's how you help the contributors add possible translations.

This is a bit of a tricky sentence, since Meri is also a woman's name. So "Meri is not calm, but Tyyne is." would be another possible translation, barring any context.


Meri is calm should be allowed. It is a woman's name


Please report missing translations using the little flag after each exercise.


Just out of curiosity, is the name "Tyyne" related in any way to the word "tyyni"? The phonetic resemblance is pretty strong.


Apparently, there was a dialectal version of tyyni that was tyyne. The name Tyyne came from this. But there's also a less common version of the name, Tyyni.


Really? Ma' dudes! In other sentences you are using "placid" but right now for no reason you want to use "calm"?! Not cool.


It's called being in beta...


Placid should be accepted here as a translation for tyyni


Minä rakastan Tyyne Turner !

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