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"We wear shirts and shoes."

Translation:Wij dragen hemden en schoenen.

4 years ago



Why is "we dragen hemden en schoenen" not accepted as well? Not sure if it is an error, or I am missing something.

4 years ago

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Probably because you did a listening exercise and the voice said wij (not we). If it's a translation exercise you can report it.

4 years ago


What is the difference between draag, draagt and dragen. Please explain.

3 years ago


ik draag (I wear) hij draagT (he wears) wij dragEN (we wear)

2 years ago


Isn't a hemd more like a vest than a shirt?

3 years ago


Due to the fact that this is not a listening but a multiple choice exercise, I really consider that both "we..." and "wij..." should be accepted. If that's not the case I would really appreciate if someone could explain the difference to me. Thanks a lot in advance.

10 months ago