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  5. "Miksi sinä siivoat? On yö!"

"Miksi sinä siivoat? On yö!"

Translation:Why are you cleaning? It is night!

July 27, 2020



I am really enjoying having this opportunity to review those verbs learned in previous lessons (e.g., siivota and tiskata).


It sounds a little odd (to me) in English - perhaps "It's late" or "It's nighttime/night-time"


I understand that in Helsinki, we are not to make noise after 10 pm. (To allow people to sleep.) That's 'night' (or the night, being pedantic.) So this phrase sounds like something I would be asked by a neighbor or the police if I were to be making noise while cleaning at 1 am. (Which I sometimes consider doing... and stop. Because it is night.)


Night time is the usual response in British English.


Why am I marked wrong when I wrote 'It is night time'. As a native English speaker, this is what I would say.


Why would not it be " why do you clean? "

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