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Someone who is taking NAVAJO please help

I am fairly new to Duolingo, I have completed the 11 lessons that it gave me on the first day in the bronze section, so when I open the lessons section now there are no new lessons. I finished 2nd last week and so I thought when it opened the lesson tab today there would be more and there isn't. please help me understand.

July 27, 2020



You finished the course! As of now, there are only eleven skills. More might be added in the future.


Navajo is essentially a mini-course. There are only eleven lessons currently.

You can redo them until you feel confident in what you've learned, and I'd also suggest looking through the forum for posts with sites to help you continue learning. (A lot of people recommend the Web site Go My Son.)

Leagues (bronze, silver, gold, etc.) are just based on how many points you have earned over the week and don't match up with anything in the course.


Also try Speak Navajo - it’s an app and cheap and has wide vocabulary with audio.

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