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  5. "Ela deixa o casaco."

"Ela deixa o casaco."

Translation:She leaves the coat.

May 16, 2013



Can this one mean "she takes off the coat", or is that person just leaving a coat on the floor?


She takes off the coat would be "ela tira o casaco". So, "deixa" really means "leave"


In mozambique one would use deixa colloquilly to mean take off


I had put "she leaves the pullover" . Why is it wrong?


Probably just an oversight, I think the Portuguese course isn't quite as thoroughly developed as some of the other courses that have more users. If they give it as a hover-over hint, it makes sense to be consistent to either accept it, or remove that hint. I'd report it whenever you encounter anything like this. Ideally if they're not going to accept it, I wouldn't want it given as a hint either.


How does this sentence make any sense?


I guess you could use it in the context of, "She leaves her coat at her friend's house" or something like that.


So what do most people actually use the word Deixo for? Is it typically used as in "left alone?"

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