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  5. "yksi kilo kalaa"

"yksi kilo kalaa"

Translation:one kilogram of fish

July 27, 2020



One kilo fish should be correct too!


Why does the fish "kalaa"? not "kala"? One fish is countable


It's one kilo, which is an amount.


so, it is not "yksi kilo kala", right?


As I understood (but I'm not a native speaker) it is yksi kala and yksi kilo kalaa and kaksi kalaa. I hope that a native speaker will help us out here!


You're correct. In this example here the unconjugated "yksi kilo" lets us know that we must talking about "fish" as a mass rather than an individual animal.

I'll try to break it down: "One kilo." (Yksi kilo.) "One kilo of what?" (Yksi kilo mitä?) "Of fish." (Kalaa.)

If we want to talk about an individual 1 kg fish, we'll conjugate the "yksi kilo" into it's genitive case "yhden kilon" (of one kilo).

So the logic here goes: "A fish." (Kala.) "Of how many kilos?" (Monenko kilon?) "Of one kilo." (Yhden kilon.)

I'm a native speaker but not a linguist or a teacher, so take my advice with a grain of salt.


Mitä is partitive of mikä.


Anteeksi, you posed the question: Yksi kilo mitä? Shouldn't the mitä be in partitive case? Like: One kg of what? Yksi kilo mitää?


Don't give up !!!


I think that is kalaa because it is one Kilo of... And not only a fish.

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