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"Ms. Pöllövaara is looking for a large mouse."

Translation:Rouva Pöllövaara etsii suurta hiirtä.

July 27, 2020



I did laugh with the "Herra Pöllövaraa pesee suurta hiirtä" option I just had in "Select the correct translation".


Isoa should be accepted too!


Yup, I think so too. Did you report it using the flag?


Is "Pöllövaara" a real Finnish surname, out of interest? I just put it through Google Translate (being curious) and it came back as "Owl danger".


You got me curious, too. Searching around, it does not appear to be a common one, though as Finnish last names go, a whimsical word combination such as this would not be all that unusual. Curiously, "Pöllövaara" seems to originate from a specific place... https://moviessilently.com/2020/02/16/the-betrothal-of-student-pollovaara-1920-a-silent-film-review/


According to official records, there is nobody with that name in Finland.

As for vaara, it does mean danger. But, it also means a certain type of hill, and it's both a name of its own and a latter part of many names that are compound words.


Could "Ms." be either "neiti" or "rouva"?


Real / more common names would be less confusing and a more constructive learning experience


But it wouldn't be as Duolingo, would it?! I like the nods to the company's mascot ... AND it give you a chance to learn / practice how to produce an ö when there isn't one to click on (see!) :)


Even though currently no one has Pöllövaara as a surname, it's a perfectly valid construction. There are plenty of surnames made of two words with vaara as the latter one, even ones with an animal in front. So even though it's a made-up name, it could be a real one.

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