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"Could I get more bread, please?"

Translation:Saisinko lisää leipää, kiitos?

July 27, 2020



Why can't I use "enemmän" instead of "lisää" here?


Hmm...yes, it should be accepted.

It means something a little different from lisää leipää, though. You'd be more likely to say lisää leipää if you are at a restaurant and already ate the bread that was served at the beginning, whereas enemmän leipää sounds more like something you'd say at a shop where you just were handed over some bread 10 seconds ago. But maybe I'm over analyzing this.


No, this is how it is. :) "Lisää" means "more" as "in addition to" whereas "enemmän" is just the comparative form of "paljon" (a lot, much).

(Paljon, enemmän, eniten)

"Saisinko lisää leipää" - Could I get more bread (I was already given some amount of bread, maybe only a little, maybe a lot, but I ate it all and now want more bread (in addition))

"Saisinko enemmän leipää" - Could I get more bread (You aren't giving me enough bread, I want more, a bigger amount)

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