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  5. "Tuhmat koirat murisevat."

"Tuhmat koirat murisevat."

Translation:The naughty dogs are growling.

July 27, 2020



Is "The naughty dogs growl" wrong?


Nope, it's fine. Did you report it?

"Naughty dogs growl" would also be correct.


Thank you so much! I don't know how to report it.


When Duolingo tells you whether your answer was correct or incorrect, there should be both a "message" icon (which you clicked on to get here) and a flag. Clicking on that flag lets you report that your answer should have been accepted, that the English was unnatural, that something else went wrong, etc.

If you report an answer that is later accepted (it may take a long time) and you have the settings set to receive messages, you will get an email when the volunteer contributors have accepted it. It's pretty cool to get one of those and know that you helped improve the course!

The volunteer contributors don't necessarily stray into all gazillions of these sentence discussions, so the flag is the way to inform them about something that is missing or wrong.


The naughty dogs bark should be correct too


No, barking and growling are two different things. To bark = haukkua.

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