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This Amazing Language❤️

It's been 10 days straight, I've never been so motivated to learn something. And I'm not stopping anytime soon because this language is amazing. It really is and being an Indian.. it's pronounciation is easy too. I feel so proud. ✨

July 28, 2020



Hyvä Ramya! :-) I like DuoLingo´s Finnish course too!


Happy you like the language - for me personally, it always feels like 5 steps in the right direction, and 4 steps back. Hard to remember the words.


It is the same with me, but, having been married to a Finnish wife since 1975, I have someone to ask when needed. That makes me say 5 steps forwards and 3 steps backwards... I started having reached 39 % in the test introducing the course. I feel that the language I have acquired is a bit different from the DL one but mostly positively so... I have found that I want to communicate the nuances that exist between my language and the DL one!


Hi Ramya_Jha! Its Nice to meet someone from my home country. Glad you liked Finnish. I think it is a wonderful language too.


Hey there ♥️


Yeah, right?
I just started, it sounds very funny to me, but I like it!

I wonder if we'll get a "Numbers" section too? Finnish numbers are extremely long. For example:
21 - kaksikymmentäyksi
69 - kuusikymmentäyhdeksän
99 - yhdeksänkymmentäyhdeksän
Good luck pronouncing it! :D


It's also extremely regular though, that's what I like about it. :) (French, German and Japanese are all a pain in the neck for that)

But yeah it can be a mouthful, which is probably why in puhekieli (spoken language) they're often shortened as much as possible, but then recognizing those forms become another challenge...


Kiva kuulla! :-) Miksi haluat oppia suomea?


I'm not that advanced sorry. Could you translate that


Sure :-) (It's also OK to cheat using Google Translate, that's how you learn -- although it's pretty bad at Finnish)

Kiva = nice; kuulla = to hear; Miksi = why; haluat = you want; oppia = to learn


Google Translate: :-)

"Kiva kuulla! :-) Miksi haluat oppia suomea? "

→ "Nice to hear! :-) Why do you want to learn Finnish?"


No...Rakastan suomesta kamaa ♥️


@bajanisto How thoughtful of you Kiitos♥️✨


Katsoin "Karppi" Netflixissä ja rakastuin!

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