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"Norjalainen mies on hiljainen."

Translation:The Norwegian man is quiet.

July 28, 2020



I went too fast and accidentally translated this into what made more sense to me, i.e. "Norwegian men are quiet." I realise, of course, thinking about it, that it would be conjugated differently in plural – but how? Just curious!


Norjalaiset miehet ovat hiljaisia. T is the marker for nouns and adjectives in the nominative plural. Words that end in nen have a stem that ends in S + the tying vowel E if needed as with plural (because a word in Finnish cannot end in two consonants apart from very recent loanwords): norjalais + e + t. mies is one of the few irregular nouns in Finnish with the stem mieh- in most cases. hiljaisia is the partitive plural and that's something pretty advanced. All words that end in nen in the nominative singular have an ia/iä added to the stem ending with S in the partitive plural: suomalaisia, ruotsalaisia, rehellisiä, etc. :)


Wow, I love Finish already now! It's so different from everything else and rather complicated, I JUST LOVE IT!!!!


I accidentally press check :(

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