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Tested out of skill. Never saw all words but all words listed as strong

I tested out of a skill that had 104 words. I definitely didn't see 104 words in the test but all words are listed as strong once I passed the test. Is it possible to mark words with something less than 4 bars when testing out of a skill? Whatever makes sense.

May 16, 2013

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Hello! The test-out options are like real life exams. When you get tested in school on something, you usually don't get tested on every possible thing that could be on the test, but rather a sample of it to show your knowledge of the whole unit. Our tests would be a little too tedious for advanced learners if they had to demonstrate every word they knew! That said, if you truly don't know some of the words, and you get them wrong later when they pop up, the strength for them would decay more rapidly:)

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