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How do I find Finnish practice pals?

So, I've been using Tandem for finding native speakers for my target languages for a long time, and it helped a lot finding Russian native speakers and such, but when it comes to Northern countries, it seems it's harder to get someone to talk with.

I tried messaging fellow Swedes (I'm currently focusing on Swedish) and Finns on Tandem, but they never answer. Some of them even learn my native language, which is Portuguese, but they still don't answer. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I just would like to have a practice buddy.

Could anybody help me out with this? I know Northern Europeans tend to be more introspective and sometimes even shy, but I wish I could find someone to talk to in Finnish and Swedish

July 28, 2020



Try Conversation Exchange. This one would let you see when their last login was, which would allow you to see who's still active and who isn't. It'll let you narrow down your options without sifting through all of them. :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


I'm not sure, if it's ok to advertise a service here, but you could take lessons from this teacher in Preply.

Disclaimer: She is my wife.


I tried other apps such as Hellotalk (which I personally dislike), but in the end, it doesn't work. I send people messages but they don't answer. I wonder what I've been doing wrong


Try and find a cultural club and ask if anyone will talk with you.


What is a cultural club?


A gathering of people with a focus on a particular culture - often it will include ex-pats or their children. Search for Finnish Club for instance.


I've heard good things about mylanguageexchange.com, including regarding finding Swedish speakers.


I signed up for Tandem now, never heard of it before. Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I'm trying to learn Spanish and not Portuguese. Have you tried finding a language learning Discord?

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