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"The calendar is broken and the clock has stopped."

Translation:Kalenteri on rikki ja kello seisoo.

July 28, 2020



How do you break a calendar?


I reported the question (as "something else has gone wrong") because of this. Calendars don't break. If it's a physical calendar, it's made of paper, so it can get torn, water damaged, or burnt, or maybe it can fall apart at the seams, but none of those can reasonably be characterized as "breaking". If it's some sort of online calendar, then it can crash or freeze, and something like that can break the browser or even the computer, but the calendar itself can't break.


I chuckled at "a broken calendar" but then i remembered that one time that my Google Calendar broke and it ruined my entire workday....


Kalenteri on rikki ja kello on pysähtynyt should be accepted


Olen samaa mieltä. Se on jopa parempi kuin "kello seisoo", jota sanontaa en muista kuulleeni.


According to the advertiser, tämä kalenterikello seisoo tukevasti pöydällä. I would therefore assume that the calendar does not break easily either. :)

I googled “kello seisoo”, and judging from the results, they stand mostly in poems and song lyrics. The clocks of stations, town halls and churches also sometimes seem to stand.


I think this is saying from the past, something my grandparents would say. A pendulum clock would "walk" and when it stopped, it "stands" (seisoo).


I've heard "the clock stands still" and "the clock has stopped" used in English, but never anything about a grandfather clock walking. Swinging, maybe.

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