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"The bird is looking at two tall trees."

Translation:Lintu katselee kahta korkeaa puuta.

July 28, 2020



According to Wiktionary, "korkea" is used for "objects" and not "persons". See: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/korkea


Can katso count as looking/watching?


so we have pitkä as "tall" or "long" for humans (and songs and such, if i remember it correctly from earlier?), korkea as "tall" and maybe "big" for objects like trees. and then there's iso and suuri that are more like "large" or "big". those are more used in the context of landscapes? do i have this even close to correct? :D can someone ellaborate a bit? :) (also, does pieni work with all these different groups or are there other specific translations for "small" as well?)


Yep, so "pitkä" (long, tall) and "korkea" (high, tall) have to do with length, the distance of something from the ground up, whereas "iso" (big) and "suuri" (large) have to do with size (length AND width). "Pieni" (small) also has to do with size. If you want to say that something is short, that's "lyhyt". Someone or something can of course be both "pitkä/korkea" and "iso/suuri", or both "pieni" and "lyhyt".

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