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  5. "Hei! Onko teillä lakritsia?"

"Hei! Onko teillä lakritsia?"

Translation:Hi! Do you have any licorice?

July 28, 2020



confused why is lakritsi wrong. i didn't have the english version, only to fill in the nominative or partitive form. i thought both were correct.


Hmm, it's not technically wrong, but just sounds very odd. "Onko teillä lakritsi?" would be like saying "Do you have THE LICORICE?". I.e. it would be some specific licorice known to everyone. When asking "Onko teillä lakritsia?" you're just asking if the people have any unspecified amount of licorice.


I'm not an english speaker but ''Do you have the licorice?'' doesn't sound wrong. Shouldn't it be accepted?

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