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"Argentiinalaiset harrastavat usein jalkapalloa."

Translation:Argentinians often have soccer as a hobby.

July 28, 2020



I would say 'Argentinians often play soccer as a hobby.'


And if you would, Duolingo would accept that as a correct answer :-)


Is it soccer or football? I though jalkapallo also means football


Soccer = football (from association football).

If you want to talk about the American sort of football that is played more with your hands, you have to speficy that it's amerikkalainen jalkapallo. And rugby is rugby.


And "Aussie rules" is aussifutis or australialainen jalkapallo. :)


in Argentina we say football


Argentines is also correct


Yup, also possible here.


Marked wrong for "Argentinians often do football as a hobby" on 22.03.2021. Reported of course, as I read that "do X as a hobby" is more natural English...and "football" is the international way of calling the "soccer", so please....

Edit: It did accept "have football as a hobby" though, so apparently the issue is in "do as a hobby".


Except when it comes to be a gk


Kimi Räikkönen harrastaa ajaa autoa.

(Formula 1 fans will understand this reference ;) )


Unfortunately, you cannot add the 1st infinitive after the verb harrastaa. You need the 4th infinitive, the nominalised verb form, which means you can use the partitive. The 4th in infinitive of ajaa is ajaminen and it's partitive form ajamista. auto needs to be in the adessive, which is used as an instrumental: ajan autolla (I'm driving a car), kirjoitan kynällä (I'm writing with a pen/pencil), soitan kännykällä (I'm calling on the cellphone). Put all this together and you'll get Kimi harrastaa autolla ajamista. You can read more about hobbies and the 4th infinitive here.

Since you're a Kimi fan, here's little something just for you! :)

Jättäkää minut rauhaan. Minä tiedän mitä minä teen. Leave me alone. I know what I'm doing.


"Nominalised" is the word


wow Duo has to add A LOT of grammar!!I hope he will!! "Duo on tuhma pollo"!


From the glimpses I've gotten, Finnish grammar is mindblowing. I expect it'll be years before the Finnish tree is comprehensive. That'll be one busy pieni pöllö for quite a while.


The busy ones, as far as I know, will be Zzzzz, annika, and maybe some others that I don't know about.


Kiitos! Maybe in 5 years time, we will see this taught in the next tree.

I will use that quote as my signature haha!


Can usually be substituated of often? I think it can...


It's not exactly the same. You can do something often without it being something you usually do. In Finnish usually is yleensä.


But there is now written argentiinalaiset ET HARRASTAVAT...


Add football for non-american users

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