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  5. "Where is the lake?"

"Where is the lake?"

Translation:Missä järvi on?

July 28, 2020



I often hear "on" being used in the middle as much as in the back of sentence, whether it's a statement or question. But writing "Missä on järvi?" is incorrect? Is there any specific rule for this or just an overlook?


Missä on järvi? = Where is there a lake?

(Edit: Don't forget the verb, Annika...)


So: verb before subject = indefinite article; subject before verb = definite article? (In general, at least?)


I have the same observation? Maybe it is more in spoken language or I've just heard people with a bad grasp of their mother tongue :) Or, a further possibility is my brain has just corrupted what I've heard sometime.


I've got the same question. Seems I always guess wrong on which order any given exercise wants.

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