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  5. "I have a girlfriend."

"I have a girlfriend."

Translation:Minulla on tyttöystävä.

July 28, 2020



I opened the SD to hear the recording, but alas, there is non. :(


They removed the recordings for sentences which were pronounced incorrectly by TTS. However, I don't know if it was the case for this sentence. You can use Google Translate to listen to it too:
As far as I know, it uses the same TTS as this course (even the mistakes are in the same words). This sentence sounds correct to me but I'm not a native speaker.


So here only nominative is correct and partitive is not?


yeah, only the nominative is correct


I guess, the difference is whether it's a question or a statement


Could a native speaker explain the difference between these two: Minulla on tyttöystävä. Minulla on tyttöystävää.


Well, in the first you have a whole girlfriend. In the second you have a part of a girlfriend, which is a bit creepy.

Partitive could be used with a countable object if there were more than one (or with some other quantifier) or if it was a negative sentence. Here it doesn't work.

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