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"Lui sarà a casa sua questa stanotte."

Translation:He will be at his house tonight.

August 10, 2014



"questa stanotte"? seems redundant.


It's a proper mistake, you should report it.


Yes, it's "Questa notte" or "Stanotte", not both


"questa" is superfluous, wrong even.


"a sua casa" seems more natural than "a casa sua". Is there a reason for the inversion?


I don't know the reason but this is what happens:
if there is the article the possessive adjective comes first, if there isn't casa comes first.
this happens with few words and the meaning has an undertone: in Italian the last ward is usually the most important.

- "quella è la sua roba" = "that is stuff of him": meaning that is stuff and it's his. (answering the question "what is it?")
- "quella è roba sua" = "that's his own staff": that's his (not mine, not yours...) and it's stuff. (answering the question "whose is it?")
this works with the word cose (things) too.

with "casa" the undertone is even more important:
- casa mia = my home, where I live. (sometimes with the meaning of homeland);
- la mia casa = my house, the building I posses.


The correct way is stanotte


Questa notte or stanotte. Questa stanotte is double

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