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"Haluaisin ostaa kaksi sinistä kravattia."

Translation:I would like to buy two blue ties.

July 28, 2020



I want to buy two blue ties... Is not the right answer yet.

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Should it be accepted? The -isi- is the polite form, e.g. used when talking to a sales person. "I want to buy" = haluan ostaa


Solmio is a synonym for kravatti, although it's not as common as kravatti


Should "kahta" be used instead of "kaksi"? If not, when should we use "kahta"?


You are buying two whole ties, so it's a whole object, hence the form "kaksi". The noun is in partitive because the number is greater than one (kolme koiraa, kahdeksan karhua, kuusi lehmää).

If you included e.g. the word "pala" (piece, bit) you could say e.g. "haluaisin ostaa palan (kahta) kravattia" and use the partitive as you would then only be speaking of a part of the tie(s).

Haluaisin ostaa (yhden) kravatin. - I would like to buy a (one) tie.

Haluaisin ostaa kaksi kakkua. - I would like to buy two cakes.

Haluaisin ostaa palan kakkua. - I would like to buy a piece/slice of cake.


why is it " kaksi sinintä kravattia" and no " kahtä sinistä kravattia"???


Please why is it sinistä and not sininen.


In English, "I want to buy two blue ties" means the same as "I would like to buy two blue ties."

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