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  5. "Täällä on järvi ja sauna!"

"Täällä on järvi ja sauna!"

Translation:There is a lake and a sauna over here!

July 28, 2020



Do we need to specify 'a sauna' or can it just be 'sauna'?


I think the second a (so with the word "sauna") is not really necessary in English. But neither English, nor Finnish is my native language.


Since there are several subjects, why don't we use Ovat instead of On?


This works similarly to English - minus the dummy subject 'there' which we don't have; in Finnish it's like "here is (i.e. this place has) a lake and (a) sauna". So, in this case on is describing general existence (of something somewhere); not the things themselves "doing" something.

There is (something) there/ (over) here/ over there/ somewhere

Siellä/ täällä/ tuolla/ jossain on (jotakin)

If the statement was "The lake and (the) sauna are over here." then it would be "Järvi ja sauna ovat täällä."


That wouldn't work in English either - 'There are a lake and a sauna'?


I am not necessarily referring to English. Just trying to understand the tricky notion of plural and singular in Finnish.


It is indeed tricky! My understanding is that sauna and järvi are singular however. Plural would be saunat and järvet I think. Täällä ovat saunat I guess would when you use ovat.

Of course let's wait for a native speaker to let us know, but that was my understanding :-)


Why täällä cannot be translated here also as right here?. It is really annoying the use of OVER or RIGHT to pin it correctly!!!!


Why can't you say, 'here is the lake and sauna' ?


the correct translation would be (in my opinion): over here is a/the lake and a/the sauna. the word "there" is not in the finnish sentence


"There is a lake and a sauna here" not accepted. Reported OCT 21, 2021.

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