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  5. "Kukka kasvaa lähellä kiveä."

"Kukka kasvaa lähellä kiveä."

Translation:The flower grows near the rock.

July 28, 2020



"The flower is growing near the rock" should be accepted. Reported


Not sure why kiveä is partitive. There's only the one rock; it's the flower that's continuously growing, so...? Is it because in Finnish, there always has to be something partitive somewhere in the sentence, just out of jääräpäisyys?

Help, please?

(Yes, I looked up that word just for the occasion.)


Lähellä (near, close to) is a preposition here and requires partitive.


Kiitos. Not sure how I hadn't previously encountered that requirement —or perhaps hadn't internalized it?— but I'm thankful to now have it defined.


'The flower is growing close to the rock.' should be accepted.

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