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"– Excuse me, are you Pöllölä? – I am."

Translation:– Anteeksi, oletko sinä Pöllölä? – Olen.

July 28, 2020



an answer like "Anteeksi, oletteko te Pöllölä? - Olen" should accepted.


Surely then the answer would need to be "- Olemme", but if you are addressing a family that should be a valid dialogue I'd think.


I tried "Anteeksi, oletteko Pöllölä? Kyllä olen" and it's forcing me to use the informal "sinä"-form because it's not accepted. You could go even further and say "oletteko te Pöllölä?" to make it very polite, but that is not accepted either. Both "oletteko" and "oletteko te" should be accepted in addition to "oletko".


The course is still in beta, so there're a lot of missing translations and alternatives. If you want to help the volunteer team in correcting these, the best course of action is to report the suggestions/corrections using the flag. :)


This is what I'm doing, and I'm also writing a note to the comments every time I encounter something that should be fixed.


The audio for Pöllöla sounds weird. Can't wait for when we get recordings instead of robo-voice.


How about "Anteeksi, sinä olet Pöllölä? - Olen" i thimk we learned it that way in the basic lesson or do I misunderstood something?


yes, I think it's OK, but "sinä olet" as well as "oletko sinä" are very familiar ways (sing. 2 pers.) to address a person, and the question in it itself implies that the persons concerned are unfamiliar to each other. I would here prefer "oletteko te" or "te olette"; sure, it sounds more formal, but is also more polite.


"Anteeksi, sinä olet Pöllölä?" would be "Excuse me, you are Pöllölä?" instead of "are you Pöllölä?", so it's technically not a question (it doesn't have a question word or the suffix -ko/kö), but with the right intonation it could work.

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