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I finished all the lessons and now I am doing the practice all skills which has a lot of repetitions. my question is , are we going to get any more regular lessons ?

5 years ago



We're constantly evolving the tree, and we'll be adding more ways for advanced learners to continue learning and practicing. One way to do that is through practice. As your word strength in each skill decays (the bar becomes less golden) you'll want to brush up on that skill. We're still working on the algorithm that determines strength, and it will be getting more and more accurate over time. I often find myself going back to different parts of the tree to practice Spanish skills that have weakened over time and find that I forgot some of the words or grammar points in those weak skills. Have you tried translating in the immersion section? That might be another way for you to keep practicing.

5 years ago


Why not try a different language while you're waiting?

5 years ago


good idea i plan on trying spanish after i am done french. but you shound still do some more french.

5 years ago