"A stupid cousin."

Translation:Co-ogha gòrach.

July 28, 2020

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the festering hyphen problem again!!!


Did you hyphenate Co-ogha? I know some of the tiles dont have yhe hyphen so when you come to type it sometime the hypen is missed.. I only know this as ive made the mistake myself and used to trip up on eadar-lion also as the tiles didnt have the hypen.. but we live and learn. If you think its a mistake report it in the sentence then it can be check but more often than not its our own mistakes.. but hey its how we learn :)


Co & ogha were 2 tiles. cho-ogha was 1 tile. It preferred the omitted hyphen to the added "h"


the problem you are having is because of hyphen words. sometimes as in this sentence the answer is Co-ogha yet to get the software to accept the answer you have to pick Co ogha as two words and not as a hyphen word

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