"to sit"


July 28, 2020



Verb type VI is rare... Finishes with - eta/-etä


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Does the infinitive always end with A?


There are six different categories of infinitive (perusmuotto = basic form) verb. Those that finish -a belongs to type I.

You remove the -a and conjugate accordingly

Istua (to sit; verb type I) Minä istun Sinä istut Hän istuu

Me istumme Te istutte He istuvat

The other types have different conjugation but in general depend on how they end.

Verb type I: end with two vowels -aa, -ea, -eä, -ia, -iä, -oa, -ua, -yä, -ää, -öä

Verb type II: -da, -dä

Verb type III:  -lla/-llä, -nna/-nnä, -rra/-rrä, -sta/-stä

Verb type IV:  -ata/-ätä, -ota/-ötä, -uta/-ytä

Verb type V: -ita/-itä

Verb type VI:


It can also end with Ä.

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