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  5. "He already speaks Estonian."

"He already speaks Estonian."

Translation:Hän puhuu jo viroa.

July 28, 2020



Why is -hän jo puhu viroa- false?


It should be "puhuu" for third person singular. If that's a typo and you mean the word order, your answer should have been accepted though.


The puhu was a typo indeed. It was the word order I was talking about


You're right, it should have been accepted


"Hän jo puhuu viroa" is not the most neutral word order though, but instead sounds e.g. like someone has insisted that the person doesn't speak Estonian and the one saying "hän jo puhuu viroa" is correcting that statement. For instance.


Why wasnt 'puhuu jo viroa' accepted? Shouldn't it be?


You can only leave out the personal pronouns in 1st and 2nd person. For the 3rd person, there needs to be a pronoun, in this case "hän" :)


Is it the same for we ??


Yes, same goes for 1st and 2nd pers in plural and for the 3rd person plural you need to have "he" (they)


Sure wish I understood when the partitive is used. I’ve read what has been posted but I guess it still doesn’t make sense.


It's one of the trickiest things, so don't worry if it takes time to learn how and when to use it. :)

"Puhua" is just one of those verbs that often get a partitive object since you can rarely speak all and everything of a thing (in one moment). So, "Hän puhuu viroa." "Sinä puhut suomea." "Te puhutte koreaa." The whole language isn't spoken at one time, just some (a part) of it, hence the partitive.

However, you can also e.g. use the elative (-sta/stä, "out of") with "puhua" as well. "Minä puhun sinusta". (I am speaking about you.) "Sinä puhut Suomesta." (You speak about Finland.)

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