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"Tässä rahkassa on appelsiinia ja banaania."

Translation:There is orange and banana in this quark.

July 28, 2020



This doesn't sound right in English, both oranges and bananas are countable objects and they aren't in any way a substance, so they require an article. There probably isn't a perfect direct translation due to differences in Finnish and English grammar, but the current English translation is very troublesome grammatically. I'd suggest "There are oranges and bananas in this quark", or something like "This is an orange and banana quark"- here orange and banana are adjectives and describe the type of quark, so only quark needs an article. Then there is "There is an orange and a banana in this quark", but that has a different meaning altogether, so wouldn't work.


Yes, this is a terrible translation and doesn't work at all.


Not really, I feel like it's fine without an article as well, as there is some indefinite amount of banana and apple in the quark.


What in the world is quark, I've read the description, but I'm sure we'd call it something else, if it exists here at all


I'm not sure which "here" you are referring to, but quark is not something widely available in USA, for example. The closest product might be farmer's cheese, but it isn't quite the same. It is the right word though, if you call it something else, it would be something else. :) Quark is very popular in Eastern, Northern and Central Europe.

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