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"Haluan ostaa viisi mustaa jäätelöä."

Translation:I want to buy five black ice creams.

July 28, 2020



Salmiakki by Fazer is delicious


Seems scary! So what exactly does it have in it that people from other countries dislike so much?


Is 'ice cream' really a countable noun in English?


No, but if you treat mass nouns like count nouns you are implicitly talking about servings, orders, or units of the mass noun. For example, at a drive-through window you might say you want "two waters and a Coke". Similarly, if you use a count noun like a mass noun you are understood to be talking about the substance the noun is made of. For an example of this, "there is dog in the street" might describe the horrific result of an accident.


I'll have 5 black ice creams please!


"Ottaisin viisi mustaa jäätelöä, kiitos!" (literally 'ottaisin' = I would take / 'otan' = I will take)

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