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"Poika, joka ei puhu koskaan, etsii prinsessaa."

Translation:The boy, who never speaks, is searching for the princess.

July 28, 2020



I've seen these Finnish commas in English sentences plenty of times by now. There's no need to use commas for a restrictive relative clause in English.


Yes, we have lots of those (and it's my fault, by the way). We're slowly editing them out. I would argue that this particular sentence could be both restrictive and non-restrictive though. Depending on the context. :)


I thought it is Mario who is searching for the princess. Well it's a commom game theme. ;)


I typed "A boy who never speaks searches for a princess." I got a message that I missed a space, and that the correct answer is "A boy, who never speaks, is searches for a princess."


Yea, the mind of THAT quiet kid xD

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