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"Haluatko sinä soittaa kitaraa vai viulua?"

Translation:Do you want to play the guitar or the violin?

July 28, 2020



I am sceptical if the article is required here.


In English, with and without the articles, this sentence has two very different meanings. With the articles, it sounds like examples of both instruments are present and you are being offered the choice of which one to play now. Without the articles, it sounds more like you are going to start playing an instrument as a hobby, and you are being asked which of these two instruments you wish to become proficient with.


I think that it is not wrong to omit the articles, especially as it is kitaraa not kitara etc?


What indicates a definite article as opposed to an indefinite article? Why would it mark me wrong for using "a" instead of "the" - especially when Finnish has no articles?


I wonder how viola is said in Finnish.

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