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  5. "Minä nousen ylös mäkeä."

"Minä nousen ylös mäkeä."

Translation:I am ascending a hill.

July 28, 2020



An English speaker would say "I am climbing a hill" or "I am walking/running up a hill." No one would say I am ascending a hill.


I'm only going to say ascending now, just because you said that.


I go up a hill... Would be good if it was accepted as an alternative answer. An uphill struggle perhaps ;)


'Ascending' sounds somewhat pompous and Victorian. 'Going up' would be the more common usage


Would it be more natural to say "Menen ylös mäkeä" then? I know we're learning kirjakieli anyway, but it'd be nice to at least not sound like Eino Leino, heh.


Sounds like a ski lift ride.......a tad complex for beginning students!


Why do you think so? The verb nousta ylös was already introduced in previous lessons in the meaning of "to get up" and mäki is being practised in this lesson so with this very simple sentence structure I find it an excellent way of combining the previously learnt material with the new one, discovering another meaning of the Finnish verb. And it just means "to go up" (=ascend) so not like a difficult concept either. Besides, skiing is a very popular sport in Finland.

[deactivated user]

    This is a messy one yes going up is better but then one could use menen ylös mäkeä. However the current form seems incorrect as nousta is to lift or to raise so this translation seems a bit of s stretch, and also not a very good translation

    [deactivated user]

      Nousta is also to ascend. I think in this case the Finnish and the English match.


      In which case "I am going up a hill" ought to be accepted, as to ascend means to go up.


      Would it be possible to say "Minä nousen ylös mäelle"?


      Yes, but the perspective is slightly different.



      Darn autocorrect. :p

      So I haven't been able to find more precise information on the perspective, but is that that in "Minä nousen ylös mäelle", "ylös" is actually an adverb adding a (somewhat redundant) information to "Minä nousen mäelle", while in "Minä nousen ylös mäkeä", "ylös mäkeä" is a prepositional phrase?

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