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"Sein Zustand ist sehr schlecht."

Translation:His condition is really bad.

August 10, 2014



I think "His condition is very bad" should also be accepted. I reported it to Duolingo.


"His condition is very bad" is now accepted. Thanks for reporting it.


His condition is very poor should also be accepted.


Reported Oct 2014


I wrote that, too, not because I didn't know that "schlecht" meant "bad," but because it seemed like a more natural translation.


Is there any difference between "der Zustand" and "die Lage"?


What does this refer to? Medical condition (e.g. you would use this sentence when referring to someone whose alzheimer's has gotten worse)? Physical fitness? Or could it just be any sort of condition?


Pretty much any state or condition, I'd say.

With schlecht, I would understand it as something medical, though: either physical or mental.


"Its condition is very bad" should be accepted as the sentence could be referring to a masculine noun: "Da steht der Fernseher, der kaputt gemacht wurde. Sein Zustand ist sehr schlecht".


What about "his shape is very bad"? Is it ok?


I thought it would be, because the last question I had translated it as shape, i e they were in good shape. The inconsistencies here get really annoying at times.


I also went for poor condition


I tried 'his condition is very grave', because the sentence seemed medical to me, but it was not accepted. Am I misunderstanding?


Yeah, I also had the same issue. Being more medical...


but his condition is too bad is also correct. please check it.


Doesn't Zustand mean situation (as in circumstance) -- His situation is very bad. Why not?


I wonder this also. I typed "situation" as well and got it wrong. Maybe "die Lage" is a better translation of "situation".


Sie sollten Ihren Zustand ein wenig ernster nehmen. I think you should take your situation a little more seriously. Hier herrschen katastrophale Zustände! The situation here is disastrous!


Thank you for the helpful examples of how this word is used.


His condition is WAY bad.

:p Though't I would try it as it was a selectable word. Technically it is correct but is very colloquial lol.

Naturally was not accepted.


Zustand vs Bedingung?


Zustand is "condition" in the sense of "state" -- e.g. the condition of a patient is how well they are doing health-wise (in a stable condition, in a critical condition, etc.).

Bedingung is a condition in the sense of "if" -- for example, "You can have dessert if you finish your vegetables = You can have dessert under the condition that you finish your vegetables" (Du kannst Nachtisch haben, wenn du dein Gemüse aufisst = Du kannst Nachtisch haben unter der Bedingung, dass du dein Gemüse aufisst).


Thank you for the clear explanation. Have a lingot!


Could it also be her condition is really bad? I can't remember the difference.


Could it also be her condition is really bad?

No. sein- is "his" or "its"; while "her" is ihr-.


Can 'zustand' refer to health condition too?


Can 'zustand' refer to health condition too?

zustand (lowercase) means something quite different -- it's a verb form of zustehen and means roughly "deserved" or "entitled". (Er nahm mehr, als ihm zustand = He took more than he was entitled to.)

This sentence contains the word Zustand (a noun), and this can indeed often refer to someone's health condition -- which is how I would understand it in this sentence.

Similarly, one might hear Sein Zustand ist stabil "His condition is stable" about an accident victim, for example.

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