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"The market square is in the middle of Kuopio."

Translation:Tori on keskellä Kuopiota.

July 29, 2020



Why "Kuopiota" and not "Kuopiossa" ?


You use the partitive case with "keskellä". Don't know why, you just do :D


You could think of a place, Kuopio in this case, being one whole, while the middle part is just one part of it, hence the partitive. If you say "Kuopiossa", "Helsingissä", "Oulussa" etc. you mean the whole thing.

You could say this same thing by using a genitive construction "Tori on Kuopion keskellä" (lit. the square is in Kuopio's middle) or better yet "Tori on Kuopion keskustassa" (Kuopio's centre). So, there is this one thing, Kuopio, which has a middle part, a centre.

Note that the partitive is -ta(/tä) in this case, instead of -a/ä. Certain words have this type of partitive, some both (nuance).

suuri - suurta, pieni - pientä, komea - komeaa/komeata


Market Square is kauppatori, not just tori. So, kauppatori should be accepted


Why are they using so many prepositions in this course? I learnt to use those words as postpositions with the genitive e.g. lähellä, keskellä,... that sounds more natural Finnish to me.


Yes, but they haven't officially introduced the genitive yet. I think they are trying to stick to a limited number of cases here. When the course gets expanded, the genitive and these forms will surely be added.

keskellä Kuopiota = Kuopion keskellä

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