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Conjunctions Section Hellish?

I just completed the conjunctions section. I found it much harder than other sections of the course so far, largely because I found it hard to divine word order rules. Have others had a hard time with this section ? If so, perhaps additional lessons should be added to it to make the material a little easier to grasp.

August 10, 2014



Heck and yes. I completed it a week ago in a way that I can't remember, and I'm trying my best to avoid it, which isn't helping my progress (because I need to review my tree). I agree with more lessons in that section, or at least more Tips & Notes. Portuguese's preposition skill has 9 lessons, and I quickly realized why with all the contractions. The conjunctions skill in Dutch needs 6-7 lessons to help us get used to the changing word order, which conjunctions move verbs to the end/beginning of clauses, and so on. Nightmarish. ;)


I'm hiding from it too. It's weird though because in my study book (Dutch in 3months) they don't introduce conjunctions until week 10/chapter 10. Whilst I'm only on week 4, nearly 5. So I'm just like 'waaaaa whyyy ;-;'


For those who are struggling with conjunctions as I am, I found this recently: http://www.unilang.org/course.php?res=62 (scroll down to the bottom til you see Dutch Part II then it'll take you to the area for finding conjunctions) it sort of helps and explains it in a nice, concise manner to help get it to stick. :)

You'll have to copy the whole link into your address bar, though as Duo can't recognise it as a whole link.


I'm finding the whole section that goes from prepositions to questions to numbers and conjunctions to be brutal. Organizing it like that without anything concrete to break the grammatical monotony (I don't count the numbers section as something concrete) is making it difficult to progress. I'm sure looking forward to Dates and Times and Places.


Haha, if Dates and Times are anything like the German skill, you'll probably be regretting those words unless you have experience with Time-Manner-Place order as opposed to Place-Manner-Time like English :-]

But I have to agree with you that it's just an onslaught of grammar. If it wasn't for my being so interested in languages that I've taken great care to study how grammar works, I'd be completely lost.


I actually found Places quite difficult, just because there's so much new vocabulary. Family and Jobs were a welcome break though :)


Right now I'm struggling through the prepositions section. I get the feeling that it's the worst by far, but if what you say is true, conjunctions might just be living hell. But if the reason they're difficult is because of the changing word order, I think I'll be alright thanks to German (It's the same in both languages, as far as I know).

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