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"Zij hebben negenentwintig kinderen!"

Translation:They have twenty-nine children!

August 10, 2014



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I hope they are referring to students in a classroom.


or kids in a camp, a daycare, anything... 29th comment!


Nice to see still some Catholics left in Holland :)


Monty Python - The Meaning of Life


I think the majority of Dutchies are Protestant but the royal family is Catholic (or maybe I have that the wrong way round, thinking of Willem of Orange).


Willem of Orange was Protestant. He became king of England after James II (Catholic) abdicated the throne, since Willem had married James' daughter Mary. The Dutch royal family is Protestant. Also, I am an American of Dutch heritage on both sides who grew up in northwest Iowa in a Dutch-American community. All my friends from that area, and almost all of my blood relatives, including second cousins, are of 100% Dutch descent and Protestant (or attend a non-denominational church). The local private college is CRC-based (Christian Reformed Church, ie Dutch Protestant, ie Calvinist.) I work with a nurse here in Wyoming who is also Dutch on both sides, and I was quite surprised to learn he's Catholic....the only Dutch Catholic I've ever met.


you arent from Pella by any chance are you?? :D


The south of the Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, Limburg, and the South of Zeeland are all Catholic, the rest is protestant, the royal family also is protestant, and our new king Willem-Alexander actually chose to lose his herital rights to the English throne bij marrying a catholic ;)


I believe in the south of the Netherlands, around Maastricht, is where it is predominantly Catholic, in the north its Protestant. Every year there is "carnival" in which the catholic regions it is celebrated but in the protestant regions there is no "carnival"


Mischien zijn ze eenden of kippen!


there was an old woman who lived in a shoe ~ she had SO many children, she didn't know what to do ...... !


They've certainly been busy.


could be an orphanage


Or a school class


Dat is een grote nummer.


Dat is een GROOT nummer. -- Indefinite neuter noun here.


It seems that the number pronunciation is horrible or i've got a problem with it. It's really hard to understand negen both normal and slower version.


I agree. The guy definitely says "negentwintig", not "negenentwintig"


I also hear only "nee-en-twentig" instead of negenentwintig. Is it done on purpose?? Maybe it is too hard for Dutch people to pronounce so many similar syllables in a row, so they intentionally make it shorter?


It seems to understand numbers even worse. I don't think I'm butchering them that badly but I can shout numbers at the mic for hours and it will never pick them up. No other sentences so far have given me any trouble, if anything it has been rather lenient.


fix it already..


Yep, most children for a women is 68ish while the man with the most children had near 867 children (supposedly!!)


Unless we're talking about Genghis Khan who scientists now suppose may have fathered as many as 1000 children. 1 in 200 men worldwide now carry a special marker in their Y chromosome that can be related directly back to Genghis himself. Crazy.


Do you have a reference, please?!


I can barely hear the en in the negen-EN-twintig even in slow speed, is that normal sound, like the way you say it, in dutch?


Ok, I've had it! During the speaking exercises I usually get all words accepted on my first try; except for numbers. Duolingo seems to consider that I cannot pronounce any (ANY!) number correctly, ever. I asked my friend who is also in Duolingo for Dutch, and she said her number pronunciation never gets accepted. I figured, "well, maybe Brazilians just are somehow selectively bad at saying Dutch numbers."

Now, I have put it to the test. I am doing the exercises on my computer and used my phone to record the Duolingo audio before the speaking exercise and played it back. Guess what? All the words got accepted, except the number!!

Seriously, what is going on?


It's not you, at least not entirely. I think it's a quirk of the voice recognition software. I have experienced the same thing as an American since the course came out. I think the problem is that it wants to treat the number you say as a numeral, but the software is trying to match it to the word. That's my guess, but I have nothing to back it up against.


Thanks! That makes sense, I guess.


I really cant understand the ´negen´in this audio


When can you use 'ze' for 'they' and 'she', please?


@Lavinae has a whole discussion here about pronouns with lots of links and info for you to dig into: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3852773

The important piece is actually here (though the other stuff is important too): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3734337

The basic info is that «zij» is a stressed (or marked) form, and «ze» is not. What that means is «Zij eet brood» is like saying "SHE is eating bread" (even if he is not) and «Ze eet brood» is like "She eats bread." The first is emphasizing something about her. The second is just making a general statement.

Does that make sense?

EDIT - Switched up marked vs unmarked.


Dont they have a TV?


Laten we het hebben over anticonceptie


I am doing my best to pronounce the numbers correctly and no matter how I do it, will not be accepted by the Dou. All other word are fine, I feel like I am doing some progress here, just not with numbers. I tried the same pronunciation in Google Translate and absolutely every number is picked up right away.

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