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"Akku on loppu; onko sinulla laturia?"

Translation:The battery is dead; do you have a charger?

July 29, 2020



The battery is not dead, it is just empty and needs a recharge. A dead battery is tossed.


An empty battery could be a battery that literally has nothing inside of it. A dead battery is one that has no charge left.


We disagree here, Kristian!


I just looked into this some more, and apparently there is no difference between a "dead battery" and an "empty battery", but "dead battery" is significantly more commonly used among native speakers of English. There is also a third option, which is "flat battery" but that seems to be more or less exclusive to UK English. Edit: and Englishes in some of Britain's former colonies, it seems.


Empty battery should certainly be accepted -- reported on 18 August 2020.


Not just the UK but elsewhere in the Commonwealth too.


I am definitely learning more about American English from this. I had no idea "flat battery" wouldn't be accepted. Reported.


Hi Kristian, I like your -flat battery- compromise! (Also used in Australia.) But to me a dead battery is generally past its use-by date.


As a native speaker of American English, I can confirm that we would say dead battery over empty battery almost always. "Flat" works, but would generally only refer to a larger battery such as that in your car...and even that is rare in the US.


'empty battery' should be accepted. Reported (17/03/2021)


The finnish refers specifically to an "akku", which is a rechargeable battery. It is a bad mistale to try to recharge a single-use battery - they tend to catch fire.

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