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Finnish help

I'm a native Finn and really bored so if anyone has Finnish related questions i would like to answer the best I can.

July 29, 2020



Take a look at the Finnish forum sometimes, sorting by new? :D

And maybe edit your profile to add that you are a Finn. Sometimes I see people asking a question, then someone answers and... it turns out the answer is wrong, because that person was just another student who misunderstood a grammar point, and not a native with the correct answer. So I try to look at people's profile to know their native language, but no one ever add it, arghhhh /o\


Pekka Sauri has joined duolingo, it seems. But usually, suomalainen ei vastaa kun kysytään, mutta vastaa kun ei kysytä.


Thanks for the offer! I have plenty of questions but at the moment need some time to digest the stuff learned already and finnish the current course in a week or 2. ;-)

It's an awesome course, but definitely not the easiest especially since the tips aren't all available yet. Quite enjoyable though.


I'm so sorry guys! I totally forgot this post! But glad that other users answered your questions.



Great offer! Kiitos !! I am fortunate to have a native Finn as my partner and she is able to correct and guide me as I explore the language. Being able to access DL as well as other on-line resources helps to bring me closer to this country (and the people) that I have learned to love but sadly cannot visit this year due to Covid. If you could somehow help me to roll my 'R's' that would be most appreciated :)

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Place the tip of your tongue against the so-called alveolar ridge (the bumpy thing at the top of your mouth cavity) and roll the outsides of the tongue up to create an almost airtight pocket, just like when you say a d. Leave the tongue relaxed and blow air through you mouth, while keeping the tongue in place. You might have to adjust the pressure you apply with your tongue. Too much - no air will go through, too little - too much air will go through. The right amount of air should make the tip of your tongue "vibrate" or "roll". If you add a voice sound to this roll, you have your rolled r.


I think you can help me. I am new to Finnish. I want to create a board on Pinterest that I call "drawing practice", but how to say it like native? My suggestion is Harjoittelu piirustusten, but I have no idea if it's correct.


"Piirrustusten harjoittelu" - just change the order of the words and add a 'r'. You could also combine the words as "Piirrustusharjoittelu" but that might sound too much the language the military uses.


Why did you add an extra r? There is no this at https://cooljugator.com/fin/piirustus


It's correct with just one r. I think it's a quite common mistake for Finnish people to add another r because when spoken it might sound like two r's.



That's why I use this dictionary!


It's been 3 days plus - I don't think the OP is coming back. There were similar posts by natives to help learners with Swedish or Danish. The Swede never answered anything (if I remember correctly) & the Dane answered most questions with variants of 'that's a good question; I don't have an answer.'


Well there are not that many questions here, are there? But yeah, old discussions tend to be forgotten pretty quicky. But you can always make your own post!

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