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"Maassa istuu lapsi, joka haluaa olla rauhassa."

Translation:There is a child, who wants some peace and quiet, sitting on the ground.

July 29, 2020



wow English translation is confusing


It is very clumsy.


I interpret it literally as, "On the ground sits a child, who wants to be in (at) peace."


"Sitting on the ground is a child who wants some peace and quiet." I am really hoping we can abolish all this "There is a..." confusing English construction going on in these lessons. It makes this needlessly difficult to learn.


The translation should be: There ia a child sitting on the floor and wants peace and quiet. (Although children are not so quiet and peaceful).


Rauhassa= at or in peace Rauha=peace Why is Rauhassa being translated as peace & quiet ?


I would never be able to translate such an English sentence into the given Finnish sentence!


I don't understand why the need to put "who wants some peace and quiet" in the middle of the sentence in English like that, because is not just confusing and unnatural (and only accepts those specific words and not "who wants to be at peace", "who wants to have some peace" etc.).

If we go by the other exercises word order and logic "There is a child sitting on the ground, who wants some peace and quiet" /to have some peace, etc. should be equally acceptable


Where is the calm? It is written only "who wants to be in peace" as in the other sentences with rauhassa. It is not hiljassa rauhassa


Seriously, you need to work harder on the course. Give my 10 lingots back! And accept translation "There is a child sitting on the ground who wants to be in peace and quiet."

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