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  5. "Sisu or wolf?"

"Sisu or wolf?"

Translation:Sisu vai susi?

July 29, 2020



I hope there's already a joke that in a japanese susi bar you eat susi but in Finnish one susi eats you...;)


What will you get if you fail to make sushi? Will you get the wolf?
No, but in Finnish "sushista tuli susi" (sushi get failed).
It can also "mennä pipariksi", and that "pipari" doesn’t mean a gingerbread but also get failed.
But if you make gingerbread, as Finns do at Christmas, and they fail ("menee pipariksi"), it’s no matter, because that was the purpose.


Well, you got me. My translation was "wolf vai susi" and I was about to flag it, when I noticed that the mistake was on my part. Well done!

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