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"Saskia zingt vaak in de badkamer."

Translation:Saskia often sings in the bathroom.

August 11, 2014



interesting dutch word


What's the difference between "sings often" and "often sings"? I don't understand why one is acceptable and the other is not.


PS: sings often is fine. But sings often in the bathroom sort of means that each time she is in the bathroom, she sings often.


The second is the normal way of saying it, the first is somewhere between unusual and wrong. This depends on the adver. For some both positions are possible, with different shades of meaning.

-go quickly: move fast - quickly go: depart soon


"Vaak zingt Saskia in de badkamer" is a better word order to convey the idea that whenever Saskia goes to the bathroom, she often sings. While "Saskia zingt vaak in de badkamer" could also convey the idea that Saskia sings, and she does that often in the bathroom (but not always).

At least, this is the feeling I get with the sentence above. By the way, I am still learning Dutch... so I could be wrong.


Kan I gebruik "frequenlty" in plast van "often"?

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