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"Tuo maalaus on museossa Kuopiossa."

Translation:That painting is in a museum in Kuopio.

July 29, 2020



why is "That painting is in the museum in Kuopio." not also correct? How can I tell which article to use?


These articles are tricky. In most cases "a" is more natural but "the" might also be possible. This is, if the sentence doesn't have a clear indication that it is a specific thing we are talking about. But after all it is impossible to know what article to use if there is no clear indication towards one in the sentence itself or in the context it is set in.


I had the same, I can't see how it is incorrect.


I'm not sure but "That painting is in a Kuopio museum" might also work. Could anybody comment on this?


Could that be 'Tuo maalaus on kuopiolaisessa museossa'?

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