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  5. "Minulla on kuusi kanaa."

"Minulla on kuusi kanaa."

Translation:I have six hens.

July 29, 2020



Should not it work with I have six chicken?


It should, but just remember to put 'chicken' also in plural.


No, numerals greater than one cause the nouns behave as if they were in singular (and they usually come in partitive, unless another grammatical case is needed). I don't know if there's this explained in the tips on DL yet, but it's one of these (numerous) special things in the Finnish language.


why cant i say "sillä on suuri pentua" meaning i have great puppies?


For me it was "Minulla on [kuusi/suuri] kanaa." I'd also like to know whether "suuri" would also form a correct sentence or whether it would have to be "Minulla on suuri kanaT." in that case.

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