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"We want to taste five different berries."

Translation:Haluamme maistaa viittä eri marjaa.

July 29, 2020



Should it be "Me haluamme maistaa viittä eriä marjaa."?


no, eri doesn't have a declination like that



Have to hop in to say something about that word: even tho it's not listed there, you can say "eriä" but just not in this sentence. I think it's highly a spoken language feature and here 'eri' has been made into a noun and 'eriä' is its partitive form, but it's VERY uncommon and can be seen as "bad Finnish" too. I think I use that more often playfully than in a serious way, and it doesn't fit just any sentence and right now I can't think of any working examples to give. Or maybe I sometimes use it as a short form of "erilaista" when I'm too lazy to say the whole word... Anyway, that word is a bit like words "takaata" or "ulkoota" which are "bad Finnish" versions of 'takaa' (from behind) and 'ulkoa' (from the outside) in the spoken language.


Why not marjaat for berries?

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